Friday stalking quickie 1

Posted on Fri, 15 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

I know! I know! Two days in a row with the real estate stalking. bear with me. It’s my mindless recreational activity. I wanted to finish the week with two properties and drum roll please… here is the first. Modern warehouse space, 2 levels. Living on the ground floor then up the stairs to 2 bedrooms (one used as an extra living space) and the bathroom. I like the simple industrial feel. Lights, concrete, signs and exposed plumbing. Opinions please on the tire bed. I know that the pallet bed divided the blogosphere. Do we have our next bedding controversy? Glen Iris, Melbourne. Link here while it lasts.

priscilla says:

the tire bed looks cool but, in my experience, tires smell. new tires smell, old tires smell worse. I wouldn't want to sleep on 'em.
that said, love the space!

mare says:

I loved everything until I got to the tire bed. Tries to look cool, but ends up looking like what my son would throw together for his college dorm room. And Priscilla is right, all tires smell.

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

I found myselft strangely liking it… is not my usual style at all.
I am much more of a maximialist and while I trully admire those who can live without clutter (it is calming), I am jus not able to do it because my `things` all have stories.
I kind of thought the tire bed was cool…and then I read the posts about the smell. Might be right there.

Georgia says:

Don't mind the tire bed, but not sure about the cow skins everywhere. Friends of ours had one, and my boys saton it to play computer games and it shed everywhere… Love the ceilings, although might be a bit cold in a Melbourne winter.

mydeco says:

Nice bright and open spaces, love the light fixtures and also the fresh, clean feeling and the industrial-style look too but It's lacking colour, I like white rooms but they look even better when there's some colour, in the form of furniture or art or even accessories, nice pictures anyway thanks for sharing them!

Tom says:

Fantastic! When can I move in?

Larita says:

Unfortunately, a garage with furniture in it is still a garage. The second floor isn't too bad, but I would feel constantly dirty and homeless with that main floor living space.

Juliet @ North Street Design says:

Love the building (but not so much the tire bed) … my dream house would have enough space in the entry area for a "bicycle dispenser," as there are 3 times as many bikes as people in our house … this would be just the thing. Would love to see a series on converted garages (just like your church conversions) if you haven't already done one. Keep up the good work on your wonderful blog and have a great weekend!

lea says:

How come no-one can spell tyre??

Sarah Bysinger says:

I love the space but needs more of an updated 25 year-old roommate environment. This audience and buyers will spend good money on it. Most other demographically-minded people won't want the openness of it.

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