A versus B

Posted on Tue, 19 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

Same town, same suburb, same style of building. Equal match? Time for a Paddington, Sydney real estate stalking smackdown. Please don’t try this at home 😉 In the red corner House A

and in the blue corner House B.

Lily says:

There are aspects I love in each one ! Really gorgeous homes.


daniela says:

love the artwork in front of the fireplace in House B… Loved the whole house actually! Go team B!

daniela says:

by the way, does anybody know who is the author of that painting?

nanobelle says:

A first, B, second. Could live in both quite happily, considering their location and mine.

Kate says:

House A, but with House B's wonderful exterior please 🙂

Mezzanine says:

I would love to take the artwork form House B and that fantastic little backyard seating area, and put them in House A! Then it would be total bliss!

g says:

house b is a little too twee at times (bistro set in the kitchen, I'm talking to you) but far better with a small tag sale (well, two: one to get rid of the twee and the estate sale from heaven to refurnish!)

christa says:

House A all the way! B loses due to the heinous foofy granny furniture, poorly placed drapes, those nasty iron plate holder thingies in the kitchen. Blech! Nice art though.

Katie says:

House A, all the way!! Love the use of little nooks and light in a house the has only the front, back and roof for access to light is looks like it would be a very comfortable, functional and stylish place to live!

Sakai Blue says:

House A makes me swoon, but House B is beautiful, too!

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