Dark green with envy

Posted on Wed, 20 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

Green with envy that I can’t own this gorgeous Malmö apartment and green with envy that it has escaped into the blogosphere already. Imagine my surprise when it turned up on my daily must read blog The Diversion Project this morning before I had pushed the publish button.  Jules we have good taste 🙂 This is so what I would want for my own home and my mind is eased with my dark colour selections. Wood, white and dark. Delicious. Just wish my own place had such amazing floors and ceilings. A truly special apartment via Bolaget.

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Jo – thanks so much! I was just starting to worry about the dark greens and chocolate browns that I have selected for our house…this eases my mind. I love the way they combine dark and light – good inspiration since I also have light floors (although not as stunning as thiers!!) and was planning on incorporating some creamy whites…. I am emboldened!

FAB says:

Being from Malmö I never knew we had such hidden treasures. Love it! FAB

homestilo says:

What amazing marquetry work throughout!

Cata says:

Thanks DtI !! Always inspiring posts, an absolute must!!!

Your blog always inspires me!!

Amazing! Especially the office/closet. What a dream to work surrounded by such light + beautiful things.

christa says:

Those floors! Ceilings! Woodwork! So, so stunning.

Lily says:

Wow !! This home is gorgeous !! And how fabulous is that closet !! Love it.


sophie says:

Amazing! Does anybody recognize the small leather sofa?

Mel says:

That floor! that FIREPLACE! the doors! Where do I begin! LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE!

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