Mastership Wrights

Posted on Wed, 20 Jul 2011 by KiM

You may be wondering just what in the hell is Mastership Wrights. Well, it’s a London based location home that is available through one of our favourite location agencies, Shoot Factory. Michael, one of the owners of the agency, sent us some big juicy photos of this fairly raw space for your viewing pleasure. I love a raw space – I would LOVE the chance to buy a REALLY old home like this one and start taking it apart bit by bit while living in it so you get partially removed walls, peeling wallpaper etc. It’s so dramatic and edgy. (P.S. Check out Michael’s blog, featuring his home renos).



Alyssa says:

Is there a way to re-create the walls in the above photos? Or wallpaper that looks similar? Graham and brown have anything like that? I'm sure it's not very popular but there has to be somewhere we can purchase this raw style!

Juliet @ North Street Design says:

Only the passage of time can create those walls …

Sammy says:

The design angel in me likes it alot, the practical devil on my shoulder think brrrrrr cold!

Ewelina says:

The kitchen and the piano room are absolutely beautiful. The only I'd choose to fix is the ceiling in the kitchen. I'd make a plain gypsum ceiling and paint it white – mainly as contrast to the roughness of the room.

Cassandra says:

This is fantastic – completely different to everything else that is popping around the internet – just great.

maya says:

what a spectacular space! I love this way of arranging (or rather: setting up) the space!

Lucas says:

the staircase area, just wow. <3

racha says:

I'd love to paint that kitchen ceiling a nice warm orangey-red. And the one in the piano room? A cool, careful, breezy sea green/blue. For some reason, the idea of such a striking contrast just feels so appealing to me.

lucie says:

…well,well,well, can i say there are many very uninspiring insects that come out of those unfinished,open slats an plaster walls?
trust me i have been living in one of these in the same stage of "lets fix it" 1880 places, and it is not as pretty as it looks in the pictures, i am most certainly drywalling over and sealing it all up. or lets just say it is for insulation purposes, we got -43C in the winter, no place to play fashion heroes.
or as locals say: different strokes for different folks?

Oh my GOD! I'm dying here! So BEAUTIFUL! I like it so much, all of it. Wonderful!!

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