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Posted on Sun, 24 Jul 2011 by KiM

We received photos of another Shoot Factory home last week and I figured while temperatures are scorching here in Ottawa (it was 117 on Thursday) I’d share this hot, steamy and very over-the-top London home – and for lots more photos check out the feature here.
(Before I go, I’d like to tell my husband Jeff that I love him a ton and happy first wedding anniversary babe!!! If we can make it through this upcoming massive house renovation project then the rest is gravy!)




So many eclectic homes have such boring kitchens and bathrooms. I love how these people haven't compromised their style one bit. It all looks like so much fun.

(Happy anniversary!)

gina says:

so gorgeous!

Very cool and sexy! Love the exotic Bohemian vibe!



I am disappointed to not see the hooka…maybe it is the dinning table center piece?

DianaQ says:

Total Rock Star/Rich Hippie vibe — some grand old pieces mixed with totally over-the-top touches like the lace-draped bathroom? Dressing room? I unexpectedly loved the silver couch. It looks positively neutral in the setting.

I had a similar-looking bedroom "back in the day", with parachute silks( a real parachute from the Army/Navy surplus store) dripping from the ceiling and tiny white
christmas lights taped to the ceiling behind
the silks. Dreamy…like this one.

A joyous first anniversary to you both!

You have such a great eye — LOVE this blog!!

Broiling in Austin, TX
Diana Q

omg!! so beautiful!!

Steve Mawson says:

What wonders a match would do !

Armand says:

wonderful,wow…from where can i buy the big white chair:)

KiM says:

It's probably vintage Armand. (Try googling "peacock chair")

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