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Shades of light and dark – Jiun Ho

Posted on Thu, 21 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

Light versus dark. Asian references counterbalanced by a modern western aesthetic. Masculine but definitely not macho. Tailored, elegant and with a touch of whimsy. Earthy and tactile. Smooth and structured. The yin and yang of interior designer Jiun Ho.

Mastership Wrights

Posted on Wed, 20 Jul 2011 by KiM

You may be wondering just what in the hell is Mastership Wrights. Well, it’s a London based location home that is available through one of our favourite location agencies, Shoot Factory. Michael, one of the owners of the agency, sent us some big juicy photos of this fairly raw space for your viewing pleasure. I love a raw space – I would LOVE the chance to buy a REALLY old home like this one and start taking it apart bit by bit while living in it so you get partially removed walls, peeling wallpaper etc. It’s so dramatic and edgy. (P.S. Check out Michael’s blog, featuring his home renos).



Dark green with envy

Posted on Wed, 20 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

Green with envy that I can’t own this gorgeous Malmö apartment and green with envy that it has escaped into the blogosphere already. Imagine my surprise when it turned up on my daily must read blog The Diversion Project this morning before I had pushed the publish button.  Jules we have good taste 🙂 This is so what I would want for my own home and my mind is eased with my dark colour selections. Wood, white and dark. Delicious. Just wish my own place had such amazing floors and ceilings. A truly special apartment via Bolaget.

Modern home tour

Posted on Tue, 19 Jul 2011 by KiM

Maureen of The Inglenook Decor wanted to share with our readers some photos of a home that was featured in the Modern Home Tour in Austin. I love this house – the structure is incredible and the decor is (mostly) modern/mid-century of which I am forever a fan – and how cool that some walls are magnetic! (Photos by Andrew Chan)

P.S. Speaking of modern, 2Modern is having a giveaway NOW on Facebook to win this Blu Dot ottoman!


MidMod bungalow in the UK

Posted on Tue, 19 Jul 2011 by KiM

Here’s the first of 2 mid-century modern homes I will be sharing with you today. This one comes from David and Scott: We’re a small creative agency in Berkshire living in a Mid Century bungalow on the development where Truffaut filmed ‘Fahrenheit 451’ back in 1966 – in fact, our bungalow is of the same design as the one in the film. Though the actual property from the film has been sadly ‘renovated’ beyond recognition, we’ve rescued ours from dilapidation and given it a fresh, modern, modernist feel having remodelled it both inside and out ourselves. The bungalow has been a 4 year labour of love — we live and work in it (using Bedroom 4 as our Studio) — it’s a light-filled haven and we love it… but we’ve got itchy feet and would love to apply ourselves to another property and help it to shine as originally intended. We’ve created a microsite + a full booklet covering the history & provenance of the Development – ‘the estate of the future that time forgot’ – plus a full description of the property. The transformation is extraordinary. I freaking LOVE IT! It was so awful when they purchased it I had to include some before photos to show all their hard work.