Casa Al Mar

Posted on Fri, 5 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

It’s Friday. Must mean that my attention turns to rest and relaxation. Warm sun, soft breeze, high design. A perfect trinity? Modern architecture meets traditional materials at Casa Al Mar in Port Sóller Mallorca. Round up the virtual holiday friends. We are off to lounge by the pool and soak up that view. I just have to find the energy to get that bottle of white from the fridge. Be a sweetie and bring it out for me?

Mode Chic says:

No puede ser mas bonita la casa !!!
Me encanta la combinación del suelo hidraulico con el aire contemporáneo de la vivienda.
Os sigo todos los días, hoy no he podido resistirme a escribir un comentario !!!

Oh, the view and the swimming pool are amazing!

Funny that you turn your attention to 'rest and relaxation' only on Friday – I think about these superior goals every day…. actually, especially on Mondays.

First – I think every house should have a name. I need to come with one for mine… and then get it embroidered on a pillow.
Second – I think it needs just a little more colour, but the spaces are beautiful and THOSE FLOORS!!! GAH.
Amazing. I love the mosaic .. and that bathroom floor is fantastic as well.
– agata.

Luke of Grub St says:

Thinking of vino, you could get the man or the hound trained up to fetch the bottle, an opener (if it isn't a Stelvin closure) and a couple of glasses… Seriously though, I think these guys have done a great job in putting together a modern interpretation of a traditional, Mediterranean-style villa – it suits the setting and is beautifully appointed IMHO… 🙂

Ericafpc says:

Love this clean transitional look. Very sleek!

Hola, Mallorca!

Oh, this place sounds and looks pure PERFECTION!

Have a very blessed weekend.

The one set of blue doors in the first bathroom – nothing forced or studied, loveit.

homestilo says:

Those tiles and that outdoor area…sigh…beautiful.

*Wolf whistle* Nice floors…

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