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Posted on Tue, 9 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Swimming in saturated colour. Shining with bright, white light. I’ve said it before ad I’ll say it again. I have a photographer crush. I’m not flighty though. I’ve admired photographer Karl Anderson’s work since I first featured him here. Beautiful, rich shots at the same time light and buoyant. Don’t you just find yourself saying “wanna wanna wanna walk right in.”

Amina says:

I love it when there "are some things around", your piqs speak directly to my heart – ALTHOUGH – I´m frequently trying to get rid of all "stuff", empty every cupboard and then hopefully get rid of all the cupboards. owning one pullover for the winter and one for the summer, one bed, one table, two chairs and one picture, never more than five books, better less – coming up to zen, maybe. The more I empty, the more I give away, the more I throw away, the less I have the more is that rest disturbing me. Not that I understand myself completely … :o)). Beautiful piqs.

sheila says:

wow very inspiring! i love your blog

Most wonderful photography. I particularly love the way the red accessories in the white room make it all look like a jewel!

Sing says:

This is one of my favorite posts here. Such fun vibrant colors and so serene at the same time.

homestilo says:

Great styling on all of these!

lea says:

Love every single shot but the blue bedroom in the second photo is a dream room 😛

blkwidowspiderbite says:

Very unique, love the colors, lighting. More for a single person, who is not timid, a very strong-willed individual who is not scared to speak their mind or express themselves.

Sara says:

I love the whimsy of most of these rooms! Quite fresh and playful. Love them. <3

mrus says:

how can I get wallpapers like on 12'th picture?

Monisha says:

How did you do the chandelier with the purple cords??? I definitely want something like this but can't quite figure how to DIY…

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