Riddle me this while I real estate stalk

Posted on Wed, 10 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

A house chock-a-block full of David Bromley paintings just down the road from David Bromley’s A Day on Earth shed in Daylesford, Victoria. A coincidence and a local with a deep pocket and great taste or perhaps the artist’s bolt hole? Don’t know but what I do know is that I love the relaxed vibe of this country house…. and the amazing art. Wish we could see more of the large open plan living/dining area in what I’m assuming is the dairy. Yes old country house and renovated dairy guest house. The bad real estate shots have whetted my appetite for more. I’ve been stalking again. Tomintoul c 1860. Link here while it lasts.

Sarah says:

I happen to know it IS David Bromley's place! Wish I could move there … the Dairy is a dream and I love the rustic simplicity of the old cottage. How do you find these places Jo! You are amazing!

Andrea says:

I think I am in love!

Alicia says:

I love the lampshades throughout.

Georgia says:

Gasp! That dairy! Wish there were better photos. Stunning, and so Australian as to make me homesick.

i'm fairly sure i know who the owners are.. and i don't think it is david bromley. i think it's some previous clients! it looks a lot like their old furniture & dogs & they are big lovers and owners of bromley's works. i love your real estate stalking! recognised an old housemates belongings in one of your posts from a few months ago in clifton hill.. it's a weird feeling thinking "that has to be x's house!" and then falling down your real estate stalking rabbit hole with you 🙂

Cata says:

Oh I really loooove this house and where it is!!!!! Australia is so similar to the Argentine Pampas (my country) it amazes me!!!
I love your blog!! Thanks a lot for so much inspiration!!!!

Jennifer says:

Love, love, love!!!!!

oooh this is like something my dreamhouse would look like, and then Id have this huge suv that I drive myself to work at Canadian Vogue in hihihihi

I am so thankful that you've introduced me to this artist!! I am LOVING his work!! Going to go google him now!! I've been doing some real estate stalking of my own this week… found a chalet that is for sale that was on the cover of House & Home… and I posted about all it's loveliness!

KL says:

My dream farm! Stunning in every way!

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