Armonia Decors

Posted on Thu, 11 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Harmony. That’s armonia in Italian. “East Coast elegance meets West Coast style” in Emily Ruddo’s portfolio. This L.A. based interior designer brings her clients bright and fresh rooms with lashings of colour and texture. I’m in need of a colour hit and Armonia Decors fits the bill. Touches of turquoise rub shoulders with raspberry red grounded with bright whites and neutral textures of sisal and grasscloth, matchstick and mohair.



Amazing! I really love this home decoration!

oregonbird says:

Balanced, and lots of nice pieces; but a little overblown for my tastes. Things in front of things in front of things. But I can definitely see that it would be very intriguing to a more conventional person.

Nimenos says:

Please, I need to know everything about that octopus picture in the first photo….. I am loving it…. very bad….

Deb says:

Do you think they would let me move in? I can be packed in five minutes

CaliMom says:

So many lovely rooms! Oregon, they have an Octopus triptych like that on, you can probably google it too (although I'm sure the original was very expensive).

Sammy says:

Lovely classic style. But I find it strange everybody comments when fur is used but when a hundred year old piece of coral or giant starfish is bleached, dyed and displayed nobody blinks an eye? Unless of course it's fake.

Thanks for sharing my work on your blog!


lea says:

Good point Sammy. People who buy shells etc often do not realise that the live animal has been killed to take the shell. They are very rarely found washed up on beaches. When you look around at all the beautiful shells in homeware stores across the world this is a lot of killing.

Debbie says:

Nimenos……the Octopus picture is a copy of a Lord Bodner print and you can find out more about it here

and if you are the least little bit creative this site shows you a link on how to make your own a lot cheaper.

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