Tenbosch House

Posted on Fri, 12 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Take two art nouveau houses circa 1906 in Brussels, Belgium. Renovate in white white white. Mix well with an enviable collection of mid 20th Century Scandinavian furniture. Layer with original art. Shake well in the cocktail bar and pour out the smoothest long cold drink of a getaway guest house you could ever wish to order. Cedric Meuris and Bernard Devaux had the vision. Tenbosch House, an exclusive small hotel is the result. It’s Friday. It’s virtual getaway day. I’ll meet you in the bar at 7. Date?

Cata says:

Love the lighting in general, but the one in the stairway??!!! AMAZING!!!
I too think its more of an Art Nouveau, at least those increadible doors seem to be.

midcenturyjo says:

Thanks for picking me up on my mistake guys 🙂 Now you know why I dream of a virtual break every Friday night when I write these posts. Such a long tiring week and then, even though the website clearly sees art nouveau, I type deco and don't check my copy before I press publish. I've fixed it now.

fabulous lighting…wonderful bar, pool and city views…

I fell in love!!

Erika says:

Um artista ! simplesmente.. Amei !

Shelley says:

bathroom windows definitely Deco!!

Cate says:

I love rue Tenbosch. I lived around the corner from this place for six years. Clearly the sky was photoshopped–it's never blue in Bruxelles! BXL has some fabulous lighting shops, and all the (chic) rest0s and boutiques are decorated with amazing things.

Steve Harris JR. says:

One renovation that I do not like, mainly because the beauty of the Art Nouveau building is gone. Quite a sacrilege to not have kept the period features. For those of us who love Art Nouveau and Art Deco and will spend tens of thousands just to get one stain glass window right, it is really sad to see this disrespect for the past. Sort of like putting metal barn doors on a Mercedes.

Sharon A says:

Way to much white on white and really to bad you painted the stunning wood doors in the bathroom. Love the furniture. Compliments the architecture of the building

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