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Posted on Sat, 13 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you …. that’s you lot… the readers! Peege emailed with this week’s dilemma.

I need HELP. I’ve inherited 2 plain plain plain Pottery Barn slip-covered sofas and one gigantic matching armchair and have to make a sitting room out of them. Luckily (?) they are white, slipcovered but so blah that it’s killing all inspiration. I have a set of Suzani pillows (reds) which I’ve added and I have a Kilim upholstered rectangular Ottoman on order. I love all things vintage, and from the Middle East but have no idea how to make the sofas look slicker. The only thing I like are the pillows. I am getting the upholstered ottoman in place of the temporary wicker garden table but please do post this so I can get some inspiration. I need to hear that they’re not too hideous and my dreams of a serene sitting room will come true! Any ideas?

ag says:

I love the suzani cushions, and think the kilim ottoman will look great with the white couch. Would consider one of the patterned rugs rom Anthropologie which are modern but middle east inspired, or if the area is low traffic a creamy spangly Moroccan wedding blanket. I agree with James, and would replace the huge chair with two smaller armless slipper chairs upnholstered in a print. The slipper chair link is for illustration purposes only–unless money is absolutely no object. If it were my space I would fill the alcoves with either bookshelves or a pair of matching cabinets, maybe Chinese, Japanese or Indian.,5,shop,forhome,shopbyhome,rugs

Carissa says:

I think this is the same style sofa in the picture by Bolig Magasinet that Kim featured in her blog article about dining storage. I agree with so many other comments that the sofa and chair are blank canvases to play.

Mr Rui says:

I convert my sofa-bed for sitting, then turn it to a focal point. The bay room is good for working the windows, so there's a compromise. I believe this angle will avoid glare too.
An intern sugested the same before. The angles of the walls would set everything else right, unless it was coming from Sottsass, or any other famous designer – I told him.

Courtney says:

You have the bones to recreate one of my favorite, most livable rooms that's recently been thrown around the blogosphere -check out

The items in her room (with one large white sofa and chair) are all affordable too!

I drool for that IKEA rug and think it'd be perfect in your room

Shelley says:

I love the room! Couches are fine. Use them til they are used up then get new ones in 10 years or whatever. Search for Moroccan mirrors (for the mantle) and Moroccan rooms on Google, use "Images" link. I think a rich yellow would bring out the lovely pillows. Maybe in a rug?
A Moroccan feel is very full and luxurious. Not necessarily serene. You have an interesting dilemma!
I like AppleTree's comment.

Tina says:

I'd add a rug, balance the pillows by moving another the chair (it'll now have two), I'd paint the fireplace a different color to add some pop and architectual detail, I'd add a mirror or artwork above the firelplace, find an old ladder and lean it against the wall on the right for use as a magazine/book rack, change up what you have on the mantle (maybe a vase with large palm frond), get a metal side table to break up all the fabric, for window treatments I'd use a rattan/baboo style roll shades.

lea says:

I agree, the sofa is fine, put the chair in your bedroom and replace it with a gorgeous colourful chair. Mix it up a bit 🙂

SJ says:

plants plants plants for a Moroccan feel! Nothing like a palm to soften the corners of everything!

Lisa says:

I agree with a lot of the posts, too. I agree maybe lose the chair. It's too matchy and I personally don't care for the two vertical welts in the front. maybe a slipcover would hide that if you don't want to get rid of it or use it in another room. I agree about adding a rug, definitely, and painting the walls a gray or something neutral. And mix the pillows up a little with some other colors/patterns. Probably too many all the same.

Trina says:

If you're not a fan of the white you could always dye the slipcovers to a colour you are more attached too…but I would suggest keeping the white! It is the most versitile colour, and all you need to worry about is accessorizing.

I would paint out the walls white as well, add some more texture with pillows, throws, and an area.

My personal colour choices for a serene room would be varying colours of greys, grey-blues, and grey-purples, maybe with a touch of violet here and there as well!

I'm not really one for bold patterns, but LOVE chunky textures – you could have tons of fun with handknitted throws and pillows!

Have fun and i'd love to see the end result!

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