Stalking an art house in Elizabeth Bay

Posted on Tue, 16 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

The exterior may be all Victorian era lacework but the interiors with its limed floors, soaring ceilings, stellar art collection and contemporary classic furniture “screams” (in a very quiet art gallery way) best of the best. It’s private and luxurious with a knowing nod to the must have and covetable without being in your face look at me gauche. I’m stalking in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. Architect is Virginia Kerridge and the link is here while it lasts. Memo to self…. seriously need those Vico Magistretti Maralunga armchairs. Actually I’d love the sofa as well. I’m such a 70s gal.

Zsa Zsa says:

Stunning! I love the chairs — each one has a personality of its own!

Chelsea says:

I love the contrast. The rug and the light fixture in the second picture down is stunning. Just perfect. xoxo

Georgia says:

SIGH!!!! I've tried living in Sydney twice, and haven't loved it either time. Think I was missing having a house like this. Sydney really is for those with money. This house is just gorgeous and Elizabeth Bay is such a fantastic area.

The architecture spoke to me! The curb appeal is amazing, but the interiors are too "museum-like" to my taste. Although that kitchen caught my eyes!

Have a great day!

Since nobody seems to have bagged the kitchen island stools, I'll just pop my name on those. ( They seem to be of the same ectomorphic build as the Giacometti-esque statue).

Verdant Green says:

Yo yo mama !! I have never seen a Sydney terrace house with external staircase leading up to the 1st floor. WOW, faboooooo ! That aint original though, eh ?

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