FINNE Architects

Posted on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Finely crafted details. A rich vernacular. Houses that sit firmly but still lightly in their surrounds. Buildings that cut a fine figure, figure of wood that is. It’s Crafted Modernism with custom fittings and furniture. Genius loci, spirit of place, sustainable principles and a richness that speaks of forest and lake, stone and rain, sun, shadow and permanence. Seattle based FINNE Architects.



…but the cost og heating isn´t nice in large buildings….:-(

Claudia says:

WOW! What amazing details and materials. Gorgeous.

Chelsea says:

Stunning. I love how the design melds with the surroundings. xoxo

Wow! This place is so interesting. The architecture is captivating! I loved seeing all the details.

Have a great day!

laurii says:

so much space!!! I just love it!

Agnieszka says:

This house make me understand what means living surrounded by nature and enjoy it, it's gorgeous!

christa says:

The architecture is gorgeous. The fittings and finishes are not doing it for me. They complement the architecture but don't have much personality/wow factor, and feel a little bit generic.

Zsa Zsa says:

Wow..wood has never looked this good! Love the kitchen and the dining sets!

Sanjit Sihag says:

Awesome, that's it, no words for this beautiful creation.

Sharon says:

Is the roof insulated? If building code requires factor of 30 or more, how is code met?

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