Focal point staircase

Posted on Fri, 19 Aug 2011 by KiM

When you’ve got a staircase that is a focal point, in this case it descends right in the middle of an open plan apartment, it’s worth making it special. This apartment in Budapest is the home to a young and creative family with 2 children. The stairs form a divider between the living room and kitchen/dining room and architect Biljana Jovanovic was given the task to make it a playful. Because the stairs had to be steep (not ideal when there are children involved), Biljana angled each step to provide more surface area. I think these are alot of fun and such a clever way to turn something that could be so generic into the main attraction. (Full story here, photographed by Gerardo Altemir)


How fun is this! V. creative and frankly, quite easy to do. Just shows you that good design is not necessarily something soooo out there!

Such a creative and interesting feature to the room.


Lin says:

This makes no sense to me. If the point was to make it safe for children, why the open risers?

Geezi says:

Love the decor. What I like the best is, the pictures show real people using the space in their daily lives.

Looks a little scary to get up and down with those uneven stairs, but it is visually striking.

Mika says:

any ideas what the balustrades are made of?

lea says:

Fabulous… but dangerous even with wide treads. I love Budapest, one hell of a funky city.

Neck Enbroken says:

As one who has tried those zig zag nautical stairs, I can highly recommend NEVER ever, never, do anything as silly as install such in your home. Just don't. Unless it's the home where you want to be sure granny/wife/hubby has a slip and fall. As that is absolutely GuaranteeD even when not drinking !

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