Animal crackers?

Posted on Mon, 22 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Two apartments. One Potts Point and the other Surry Hills, both Sydney. For a moment ignore the fact that the Potts Point apartment has a view that half of us would kill for. Let’s look at the similarities instead. Dark walls. Colourful “pops” (as in snap, crackle, pop not grandpa), eclectic mix of furniture, lashings of drama and oversized animals. Gigantic giraffe and dominating deer. Are they crackers to have such overwhelming animal decor? Or just fun loving decor fools? Not sure if I could live with such large taxidermied heads in such a bijou apartment but I do like those Surry Hills brown walls. Which one does it for you or would you be leaving the furniture and art out on the kerb for collection? Stalking inner city Sydney is always so much fun. Potts Point link here while it lasts and Surry Hills here.

AppleTree says:

omg is that view for real? Sydney must have the most beautiful skyline of all

OMG! Amazing!!!!! Love the first one!

Absolutely loving the giraffe!!

homestilo says:

I love the drama that dark walls bring to a room.

Melanie says:

Yes to the giraffe, no to the deer head!

I really wish the animal heads weren't there but everything else is beautiful.

Kelsi says:

Guh. Can't speak… Overcome… by… photos… WANT!

Poochie Lou says:

Love the giraffe, the grey walls and the stunning view, however I prefer my deer heads actually on the deer…

peggy says:

I really love the orange sofa, flowered chair and silver tables in the first home. The taxidermy grosses me out. I could never sleep with a dead animal over the bed!

No deer heads over the bed should be a hard and fast rule of interior design, if only because it might fall down one night and give you a horrible 'The Godfather' moment when you wake up.

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