Photography as art

Posted on Tue, 23 Aug 2011 by KiM

I was nosing around in my inspiration folder and I have in there a grouping of art photos. In just about every one of them was photography as art. I much prefer photography hanging on my walls than paintings or other forms of art, as the graphic (and no-need-for-interpretation) quality appeals to me. Here are a few of these photos that have captured my interest for quite a while.

Daniel Hertzell (also seen here)

Sarah Blee (also seen here)

The Selby

Viola says:

These are really great!

xx Viola

LightDot says:

Art photography is great. I wouldn't characterise all of the above as art but none the less… photos can be a great asset of interior design when properly used, even when the art aspect can be debated.

But… I don't understand why would you say that art photography does not invite the spectator to be interpret it? I believe it does, consciously or not.

Like everything else, for that matter… But anyway, I don't see any difference in the need of interpretation, whether it's an art photo or an oil painting.

Cynthia says:

Love the kitchen with the photograph running all across the wall.

Heather says:

Daniel Hertzell is the interior space photographer and not the photographer of the car photo correct? I've been trying to find a source for that photo for quite some time and cannot find the artist.

KiM says:

Heather you are correct. I unfortunately don't know who the photographer is of the car photo.

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