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Posted on Tue, 23 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Andreia lives in the centre of the village of Odeceixe in the Algarve in southern Portugal. Down by the sea she has remodelled Casa Alba, the white house, into two holiday rentals. Casa de Cima and Casa de Baixo. The up house and the down house. Dibs on the up house. Love the simplicity. Love the laid back feel. Holidays down by the Mediterranean are all about sun and sand, fun and swimsuits, and espadrilles and sarongs, chilled wine, seafood and a sweet little holiday flat to suit.

Officially love it. So eclectic and colourful and cute! But super simple at the same time. Perfect place for chilling. Awesome!

Mr Rui says:

I'm a showroom intern drop out and also university, still learning from the web.
The alojamento local AL could be made official, but there isn't much privacy, between the bed and the convertible bed. The exterior reminds me of camel-backs, despite the lofty interior and tenants are known for chossing lofty furniture.
Cheers from Valmor'82 estate, in capital city of Portugal

Chelsea says:

I don't think I could love those pink window frames even a tiny bit more. They are the epitome of fun! What a cute little get away! xoxo

Nicole says:

Such a peaceful and happy place – love it! Funny: I had the same idea with the Ikea cupboard under the stairs, fabric behind the glas. 🙂 Love from Germany

I think this is a great seaside house: pastel colors and raw wood.
I love so much the home decor such as wood branch in the living, in the bathroom (mirror and shelfs), the bed pallet and the chair hanged up on wall as a bedside table.

Love it!

Hi! I really liked this house! Almost everything was made with wood. That's a simple house!

Barbara says:

this is a great home!! it's so happy!!

Meg says:

Actually, if it's in Portugal it's the Atlantic coast, not the Mediterranean coast… but it's lovely anyway! (though he water is a bit cold ..18 degrees this summer!)

Sabina Barros says:

Love the house, love Odeceixe! But I had to tell it's the Atlantic not the Mediterranean sea. Still everything else it's true!!!! 😉

Izilda Aparecida muraca says:

Linda casa!
Não é necessário luxo para se ter beleza e aconchego, a simplicidade também é bela para quem gosta e se sente bem.

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