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Posted on Wed, 24 Aug 2011 by KiM

{Maybe I should have added a big box filled with grass in my house reno plans, that way my cats would maybe stop bugging me to tie them up outside, and they could go eat the grass whenever they so desired and then barf it up all over my rugs}

via Mires

~g says:

Maybe the toddler can "be outside" while dinner is cooking?

Zsa Zsa says:

Forget the grass box (although I think it's cool) — I love all that yellow!!!

I'm not sure why you didn't add that. Is it too late? ;p

Kristian says:

Oh, that's amazing! It's like a miniature version of the french nationa library in Paris.. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3170/2800274481_c9d9922927.jpg and plants and vegetation is proven to reduce stress in workers, so this is probably a really good idea, not just because it looks awesome 🙂

AMR says:

You could plant all herbs for cooking & garnishing. Or tomatoes. Handy. 🙂
Also…the outlet on the outside base? Looks like oven, internet and headphone jacks. Curious.

Cussot says:

Maybe it's the shower. Okay, so they'd have to wait till it rains, but still …

Jen says:

They should totally plant an herb garden in that little plot

sarah says:

Cats and barf aside, what's the egg in the corner?

AB says:

Mowing the lawn… Would hate that part!

Elisa says:

I think it's used as a year round herb garden…. maybe…

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