The writing’s on the wall

Posted on Thu, 25 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Salad sandwiches and real estate stalking for lunch today. I wish I had lived in a place as indie cool as this when I was younger. A great mix of classic mid century hip and an irreverent DIY approach. Don’t be fooled though. It’s  not a student house. The artwork and the prize retro pieces (like the atomica coffee machine) mean big bucks or savy shopping. Today’s house is in one of my favourite parts of Sydney, Redfern. It will of course sell for an obscene amount then be renovated into a sterile “contemporary meets heritage” montage  of big box catalogues and high end fittings. It has real estate “potential” written all over those walls. Shame. I kinda like it’s funky probably soon to be former self. Link here while it lasts.

Brismod says:

It is very funky. I like it too. And they have a similar lounge chair (in the 3rd image) to my black one. xx

Loving the eclectic style. Mixing things up is so much fun 🙂

Daniel says:

I like it a lot! Lovely kitchen!! Great pictures!!

Kelly says:

Wonderful. Lets hope the new owners don't scrap ALL the character. Your comment made me so sad about the future of this place, but I am so very glad I got to see it now, how it is. It is beautiful.

Georgia says:

So funky. What a great place to live. I often find modern design so sterile, so contrived. This place has personality. But you are right, big bucks.

Sian says:

What a gorgeous house.

christa says:

love it!

Aside from obviously loving the wallpaper, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hanging plants in the kitchen! They bring a natural element to an otherwise sleek and modern kitchen that really helps the space feel well rounded. I am also a tad envious of this owner's chair collection – each chair offer loads of personality and yet another tailored detail to each one of the rooms.

Keep up the real estate finds – I'm nosy and critical so naturally love joining in on the stalk!

tania says:

Love the mix, very cool. Also love the upstairs balcony plants that make a quirky and effective screen. Nice to see a home that really is lived in.

peggy says:

Jo, I love your writing. I think you've defined a new genre – indie cool. I love this place, I'd hate to see it change too. I could live in it as is. Love the art.

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