James Knowler

Posted on Fri, 26 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

Dear Mr Knowler,

Your website says that you take photographs. That may be but I think there may be just a little bit more to what you do. May I explain? You tell stories, build dreams, capture memories and sell product. You manipulate light, cox colour and crop angles. Composition isn’t just about essays or music is it? Dear James Knowler I think you are my new photographer crush.



oregonbird says:

Even when you can't see the people, you can see the people. Lovely. A *little* more burn out than necessary, but it adds to the human touch.

Andrea from Australia says:

Most of these houses are in Adelaide, Australia and the interior design is by Susanna Bilardo from a company called Enoki. Here is their website, I love their work – http://www.enoki.com.au/ibrammy.html

This warm atmosphere makes me smile:) I love it!

Kelsi says:

Fornasetti plates! I'd love to have my own someday.

Gala says:

really nice!

deni says:

i think he must work with really fabulous stylists! great work JK!

Thanks for the great feedback. Just finished photographing 4 more houses in Adelaide. Off to Melbourne next. I do have to give a lot of credit to my mazing stylist.

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