Grey days

Posted on Mon, 29 Aug 2011 by midcenturyjo

The sun’ll come out
So ya gotta hang on
‘Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!

Oops sorry got carried away there. Real estate stalking on a rainy weekend found this Malvern, Melbourne home. Cute as a button on the outside. Sophisticated on the inside. I’d ramp up the bedroom a little more but the bones are good. The mirror over the mantle is a modern take on a traditional piece. Can you spot the 2 TVs in the living areas. Summer and winter viewing? I hope not both at the same time. I’m also wondering if they ran out of money for window treatments. Perhaps they like a a simple finish.I’d love to see this house shot sympathetically. A good stylist, a good photographer, a magazine spread? Link here while it lasts.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, it's only a day away….

great song.

Wow! This place is really cool! I really like the bathroom and even though gray isn't my first choice, I think it's perfect for this home.

Great find!

rooth says:

I especially like the kitchen door leading out to the deck on this home. This house looks so traditional from the front and then is contemporary from the back

hellrazor says:

I personally love this post. The dining room especially. The entire house is a wonderful eclectic mix of textures and styles and in no way am I bothered by the window treatments throughout.

Your statement "I'm also wondering if they ran out of money for window treatments. " puzzles me. Have you checked the previous "Blog Posts of the Week"? Did ya' see the cheesescloth draped over a stick? (NIB) Or the roller shades? Or no window treatments at all? And what the heck is that anyway in the Designspiration SK photo blocking the windows, is it painted boards, paper, plaster or what? Pretty strange to follow up that post with a comment about window treatments.

Cata says:

I personally love windows without any treatment at all…. I think curtains should be banned!! jaja Specially with a great outdoors…

peggy says:

What gorgeous light fixtures throughout!

Zsa Zsa says:

Amazing! Love the living room and that kitchen with the sliding doors that lead to the deck. J'adore!

Josh says:

Looks like they have custom rollershades, which are $$$.

jen says:

I'd live in it!

Emily says:

I love this house! The real estate agent actually emailed it to my husband this week and we're going to the auction… just to look though unfortunately 🙂

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