If it were possible to make out with a bathroom…

Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2011 by KiM

…I would make out with this one. With lots of tongue.

via Nuevo Estilo

Haha! ;D

Rocio says:

Made me laugh (dealing with illnes of my mother )Thank you !

thando says:

lick-lick… yum! lol…

laura says:

Seriously…its tremendously sexy, with a masculine and feminine feel. Ooh, maybe that's why its so yummy? 😉

Donald says:

DON'T DO IT! Bathrooms never respect you in the morning.

KiM says:

Rocio, hope your mom is ok and I'm glad I was able to make you laugh.
Donald – LOL!!!

Hahah!! Awesome.

selina says:

gorgeous! I came across this house (and in particular bathroom) a while back just after finishing doing up my own… I felt like I made out with the wrong one.

KiM says:

@Selina = LOL!

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