The Locals

Posted on Thu, 1 Sep 2011 by KiM

A big thanks to Alina who sent us the following email: I’ve recently discovered a cool website, which main purpose is to serve as a meeting point for people looking for flatmates, tenants and apartments to rent. However, the website also has a blog which among other things publishes photos and short articles on the best rentals and apartments in town. While it is really hard to find a decent place in Moscow these apartments are really amazing. The Locals is my new favourite place to get a sneak peek into the homes of ordinary people. Perhaps I can’t resist because there are often strategically placed pets in the spaces. 🙂

love the sexy round bed!

Louis says:

these places are amazing !!! thanks for the post.

Aliza says:

Did you say Moscow???

yeah, that is a site. nice spaces.

those red rads are amazing!!!

Anya! XD says:

Oh yey, finally smth Russian that looks cool and stylish and not just ostentatious. Really great use of IKEA stuff, too! Thank you!!!!!

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