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Posted on Fri, 2 Sep 2011 by midcenturyjo

Friday finds me craving for a getaway from the bad, the mad and the ugly. So what’s new you ask? Besides the fact that I fell badly in the main street this week and was taken by ambulance to the emergency department leaving my dignity and half my jeans in the street. Almost 50 and having one’s trousers slit open with scissors opposite the post office is not fun however handsome the paramedic is. Nine x-rays later and there were no broken bones just soft tissue damage and a sad and sorry Jo dosed on pain killers. I hope this guesthouse has a bedroom with no stairs… and a shower. Don’t think I can handle a bath. Back to today’s sublime holiday property. Part gallery, part home, once a shipyard, always unique and poetic, hiding behind an unobtrusive facade. Apparently the bathroom is big enough to dance in. I think I’ll pass on the dancing and instead drink in the loveliness of the simple luxury of Tielrode in Flanders, Belgium via Welcome Beyond. (Please forgive me. I’m not whining. I’m grateful to be home, in one piece and finding joy in a lovely home. Happy weekend!)

Brismod says:

This is the year of the tumble for you Jo. First the ladder and now the main street. I've slipped down in the City a couple of times, once when I was heavily pregnant. Fortunately no damage except for the dignity. There is no graceful way to tumble in the middle of the Mall, particularly when you start crying because you feel so foolish!! Look after yourself. Thank heaven you didn't break anything and have a couple of wines. I'll have a couple for you too. xx

p.s have liked all your posts this week. You find the best places to stalk. x

Linda says:

Very nice pics!

Hope you feel m u c h better soon! Take care 🙂

Par says:

Eeeks – thats sad. Good thing you are back home and all is well now – Take care Jo! And thanks for posting even though you aren't a 100% well…

anne says:

awww. been there, done that. feel your pain (well, you know what i mean). at 58 and in pretty good shape, being helped to my feet by a gorgeous 20-something hunk who probably thought i was just some old lady ready for the scrap heap…yup. that's a special moment for me…not! this week, as i was walking on a path near home, a girl about 40 crashed her bike. she fell, her groceries fell, her knees were skinned…one big noisy mess. this time, i was on the other side. i just helped her up. not a big deal when you're the watcher. but when you're the tumbler…well, that sucks, doesn't it. take care. i love your blog. every day, every post.

rooth says:

I think that my feet are smaller than they're supposed to be, which is my excuse for falling. I'm sorry you fell but I'm glad you're okay. Take it easy this weekend!

Tom says:

Love the lady in the first photo, she represents this space perfectly.

Jo I hope you feel better, that sounds like a horrible experience to have to go through.
The one good thing, no broken bones to deal with.

julie says:

I get the feeling Jo that you would carry on blogging even under enemy fire!! – Despite the tumble, this week´s entries have been truly inspiring. Just keep on walking…and blogging. Gratefully yours…

daniela says:

Hope you get well soon! Best Wishes!

Meggan says:

Ahhh Jo, I am sorry! It is never fun to take a big spill. Everyone has one really good fall that they remember like its yesterday. My fall involved $10 of quarters for wash, a hill on campus, and herd of cute guys. It still pains me and it was 15 yrs ago! A least you had a cute paramedic involved. Sorry about the jeans though. Hope they weren't your favorite pair. Good luck healing. Thanks for the great post and pics as always!

Sparky says:

Lordy, Miss Jo!!! Last September (age 56) I not so gracefully missed the last step while carrying two lovely Italian dining chairs downstairs and got myself a very serious nasty sprained ankle!!! Too stubborn to go to the doctor. One week later, I ended up in the ER with what turned out to be my first ever gall stone attack!!! The fifties creep up on us, if we're lucky, I guess. Take care sweet girl! ~xoxSparky

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