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Posted on Mon, 5 Sep 2011 by midcenturyjo

… Hautefage. Take a 19th century farmhouse right in the heart of France. Original beams, old weathered floors, terracotta and thick stone walls. Excited yet? Add design classics and bespoke fittings. Be a little cheeky, a touch unexpected. Throw in amazing food and wine and be prepared to be amazed. Boutique hotels are always something just a little special. Medieval village meets mid century. Lavender, rosemary, dining al fresco, cobblestone streets and rolling fields. It’s almost torture not being there. The House at Hautefage.




with the exception of the exterior, this house does not work for me. it has an eerie, almost ghostly feeling to it. I just don't see myself being able to get 'cozy' in that living room.

Annie says:

Saddest. Livingroom. Ever.

Vicki says:

The house has such great bones and an amazing landscape surrounding it. The furnishings do absolutely nothing
for me, and I'm in a minimal phase at the moment. I think the individual pieces are not interesting nor is there a
consistency in their selection. Too random for me.

i love the tub…rustic dining table…limited color palette. very nice.

Lin says:

This is an architectural gem but I'm a bit baffled by the incongruity of the décor and furniture. The first photo is stunning, the kitchen and large bedroom are great but what's with that vast living room with nothing but a couple of oversized sofas? Not so much as a side table to put down a cup of coffee or glass of wine and those curved, armless sofas are useless for napping. Clearly big money has been spent here but why the ugly television stand and the cheap, disposal "art" in the dining room?

Adie says:

I think the incongruity of the interiors and the furnishings particularly in the living room is the the point. A counterpoint? Perhaps too the room has been styled for the photo to within an inch of its life as well. I can see side tables though 😉 If you look at the website you'll see those ercol (?) chairs and table are also part of the space but on the other side of the room so there is an intimate space and a party space.

MadonnaofCoogee says:

Just lovely – except for that artwork, which is cheap and nasty. The big room is very spare, I agree, but that leaves lots of room for dancing. I want to be there, now.

rooth says:

I love the dining room and the table in this home – and that lush lush grass in the backyard

Shelley says:

Lovely, but some of the rooms lack, um, warmth. I often hear people comment that a house lacks soul. I don't believe that here, this house is filled with soul, but it looks unfinished. One could never walk barefoot here!

Oh, it is a rental unit. That explains a lot. I wanna buy it and make it mine! Fill it with carpets and plants and a jewelry studio! Find a place for my books! Add a couple cats and find the fireplace 🙂

oregonbird says:

Now, THIS works, whereas the one up on (upcoming) Tuesday doesn't! I think the soft furniture works – it doesn't match, but it holds its own, without denying the space its in. Which Tuesday's *does*. And the proportions are right… althought the living room totally needs more furniture.

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