The house at …. again

Posted on Tue, 6 Sep 2011 by midcenturyjo

Yesterday’s House at Hautefage divided opinion so I couldn’t resist posting its sister property The House at Cannes.The creative force behind both houses is Jason MacLean of MacLean Interiors. (And silly me I only realised today that I had already blogged Jason’s work back in 2008.) Once again MacLean juxtaposes the historical with the modern. It’s a marriage of incongruities. Bright, modern colour, pattern and shapes sit uncompromisingly in a sun drenched pastel Mediterranean confection of a building. It’s edgy, uncompromising and just a little rock star glam. Perfect for a Cannes getaway.

theROOM says:

I think the kitchen is my fab part of this house…

That pale, pale pink facade is amazing! (not to mention that fantastic bathtub!) So glam!

xo Allison

Sammy says:

Loving the exterior and that bath tub's pretty darn cool but for me the proportions in the other rooms are wrong – same with the other house. Just slightly off somehow…

Call me cheeky but I love it when there are dividied opinions. I adore them both but they do have a slight uneasiness about them, a bit of a classy assylum feel…for me this is what draws me in, the designer is so controlled and has such a sure foot in both houses xx Katherine

how fresh and fun is that yellow furniture and staircase?!

Mezzanine says:

Love the yellow furniture! The bathroom and light fixtures remind me of The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles….

amourette says:

The yellow is to die for!

Ral says:

I do not like the bathrooms. They don't seem confortable. The glass bathtub looks interesting but gives me a feeling of tediousness, as well as the shower bathroom. Also I don't like the bedrooms beeing so small. In a huge house like that you expect more space for the rooms.

Lightbulb says:

Does anyone know the name/manufacturer of the light hanging over the kitchen table? Awesome.

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