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Posted on Fri, 9 Sep 2011 by KiM

I have 2 reader requests for you guys today, and this first one comes from Kayla: I was wondering if you have any inspiration on how to combine beige and grey in one room – particularly in the bedroom. We have a custom-made beige built-in wardrobe (there when we moved in) that we can’t afford to replace. I don’t like it and so I’ve been stalling on decorating the bedroom since we moved in (over a year ago). I think I just need to work with it and so I’d like to mix in some greys to make it more contemporary. Any ideas? My first thought of course is paint it if you don’t like it. If you’re worried doing it yourself you could remove the doors and have them professionally sprayed. Otherwise, I think if it’s a soft beige I think adding alot of light grey, some beige in your bedding, and hints of black and white would work. If it’s a darker beige, I would maybe go for browns instead of grey. I found some photos that do both, including one with a black accent wall that you could consider to draw attention away from the wardrobe. The first photo is my favourite. Jewel toned accents (you could do more than a couple purple pillows) bring in that needed pop of colour. Hope this helps!

Stuart McIntyre

Nuevo Estilo

Phoebe Howard

Country Home

Jim Franco


Apartment Therapy


Elle Decor

Rachael Smith


Susan Chalom

Light Locations

Ral says:

That first photo is my fav too!

Ali says:

I love the beige/grey combo. Just throw in some taupe and some fabrics that incorporate all three. Looks very cozy.

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