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Posted on Tue, 13 Sep 2011 by KiM

This, my friends, is EXACTLY what I want to do in my backyard once the new house is complete. Maybe not the bamboo because I’m not sure that can grow in the climate up here in good ‘ol Canada but whatever, I can stick all sorts of grasses around the perimeter (and the chairs blend too much with the concrete). I’d have to include a concrete box filled with cat grass though for my herd because they insist on eating it (and then barfing everywhere). I hate grass in general so this is my ideal yard. Modern and LOW MAINTENANCE.

via Dwell


Love the big planter boxes, but I need a bit of grass myself 🙂

Deb J. says:

You can get a bamboo that grows here in Ottawa. Just can't remember which one. But spreading is an issue. Go to Ritchie Feed & Seed – they can tell you. They also have a great plant finder section on their website that lets you search for plants that will suit your needs. Can't remember their exact site nut I found it on a google. Good luck. BTW I have a large urban forest yard (4 oak trees +++) here in Ottawa. Often wish I had a smaller modern patio. A WHOLE lot less work. But love my trees:)

Michelle says:

This too is my dream yard…grass is my nemesis. I'm super allergic to the crap, I hate the way it smells, not to mention I hate watering it and making my water bill go up. I can't wait to rip up our yard and do a more ocean-friendly yard with river rock and big slabs of concrete…low maintenance all the way!

I am in love with this – it is so beautiful

ron says:

dont plant bamboo. plant something NATIVE, non-invasive and better looking instead.

by the way, bamboo is a grass.

DeborahMcP says:

Hey neighbour… re: want to see a local garden with Big Bamboo? Take a walk down Clarendon Avenue from Helena to Wellington St., and keep an eye on the gardens on the LHS. On a NW corner lot (Iona? Java?…) they've two big clumps of bamboo in a front garden that have been coming back again and again for years! Love the garden design above. And the patio will help contain the bamboo's "running" ways. Can't wait to see what you do!

DeborahMcP says:

Ah, note that I don't think bamboo stems can get that big in Ottawa. The bamboo plant is "treated as a tender perennial", meaning that the whole thing dies back to the ground every fall so it has to begin again from the root ball in the spring. Hence it looks very like a tall grass, with that typical, disheveled bamboo foliage thing going on.

Jules says:

Hi – Another Eastern Ontario Canadian here… and an avid gardener. If you'd like the best plants for our region, I'd suggest going to a local nursery rather than a box store. The plants are hardier and thrive in our region. A great alternative to bamboo is miscanthus grass – it grows tall and comes in a variety of shades.
I'd recommend local perennial gardens – which are outside of Perth, but there are many local growers who have wonderful variety you won't find elsewhere and the staff are always very knowledgeable.

Luciana says:

Thank you so much Julie.

Mjdavis says:

Any idea if these pacers are pre fabricated?

If so any idea which company manufactures them?


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