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Posted on Thu, 15 Sep 2011 by KiM

About a month ago my twin sister and I carted a crapload of stuff over to our parent’s house and all of us had a big garage sale. It was a complete bust. Unfortunately my husband forgot to put up ads online so all we had were a few signs on the road. I think we sold $50. We’re attempting another garage sale this Saturday from 8-2 so anyone in the Ottawa area MUST come out and BUY MY CRAP! I’m selling just about everything I own as I’m tired of it all and am going a completely different route whenever the house gets done and we can redecorate. (On a side note, here is a little sample of how disastrous this whole project has been going. We received an email yesterday morning, about 6 weeks after our plans were submitted to the city for permits, that because our house is approx. 100 ft from the highway, our project requires approval from the Ministry of Transportation. WTF?!?!) Alot of the items are still in my parents’ garage, and I have a bunch of stuff buried in my basement that I also would part with. Here is a sampling…(and there are more photos on my page, including the ad from usedottawa.comwith details).


Cussot says:

The Ministry of Transportation?! That's just heinous …

kristen says:

Man, I REALLY wish I lived near Ottawa because some of your stuff looks RAD, but it would be quite a trip from California 🙂

Also, I totally sympathize about the permit situation – I worked for a Design/Build firm for a couple of years, and was responsible for obtaining the permits for all of our clients – it was a real nightmare sometimes! Hopefully the rest of the process goes smoother for you!

Nuria says:

I wish I lived closer! But I don't think you are sending items to Spain, do you? ;D A pity because I love some of your things. Maybe any other time. Thanks anyway for your work in this amazing web!

KiM says:

Sorry, no shipping.

Teresa says:

What about shipping to Italy? I can't find anything like that over here. Gorgeous stuff!!

Tom says:

Keep that little green vase with multiple openings, it's in the last pic in the set.
Can't imagine selling that little beauty, I think you might regret that one.
Has it ever had an arrangement in it?
Imagine it with very tall branches or even big luscious gardenias in it.
I'm excited to see what you replace this stuff with! says:

I'd love to have the yellow Eames but live too far way. Good luck:)

nat says:

Selling so much of your stuff, what is the new direction that you'll take with the reno'ed housE?? 🙂

KiM says:

I'm thinking the new house will be grey/black/white, maybe with a fluro piece here and there. And less thrifted "crap". I want me some grownup furniture.

Merse says:

If you lived in Vancouver, I would buy most of yours things! Loved your vase collection! I'm a bit obsessed with vases right now. I also like your chairs.

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