O’Connor and Houle Architecture

Posted on Thu, 15 Sep 2011 by KiM

Refinement. Light. Flexibility. Warmth. Elegance. Timelessness. These are the words used by O’Connor and Houle Architecture, to describe their designs. Based in Melbourne Australia, Stephen O’Connor and Annick Houle delve into the world of architecture, interior, landscape and urban design. The results are simple yet carefully considered and impactful.

Tom says:

Everything looks good except for the two dead animals laying crumpled on the living room floor 🙁
I cringe when I see dead animals used as decor, I know it's common but it's still gross and sad.

Katie says:

Great Blog! Also, love the Kodak frame surrounding the photos. And p.s. the rugs may be dead…but beauty last forever.

sue says:

"carefully considered and impactful" design, from my perspective, would be O'Connor and Houle leaving out the dead animals and letting the actual architecture of the design speak for itself. Dead animals on the floor or on the wall make a statement of entitlement for taking lives, not for "living" spaces. Displaying animals whose lives were taken (thanks to the individual's purchase) is not "elegant" or "warm". Other than that, I like the design.

g says:

what's with the hating on skins? yes, an animal died. many do, everyday, for those meat eating heathens in the world. Much like the Native Americans, I prefer to see all parts of the animal used as honor to their life.

luckily, Sue and Tom never feel entitlement, not even when judging someone else's choices.

Sammy says:

Well said g. Get over it with the skins people. The cattle were killed for their meat. Isn't it sensible and MORAL to use the whole animal? Unless those that hate skins are truely vegan and don't wear leather they should let it go…

Tom says:

Dead animals are beautiful!
I don't understand how anyone couldn't want the leftovers from their hamburger sitting on their living room floor.
Use up all that dead cow, maybe put some liver in a vase with succulents, that might look really nice and if you don't eat the liver of the cow you don't want to waste it.
LOVE LOVE LOVE dead animal in interiors, they add richness and let your personality shine through.
Anyone that can't sit on a cow rug or stare at a chopped off animal head and see the beauty of death must be sick.

Steve Mawson says:

Dead animal haters better not have any pure wool carpets at home or they're just being hypocritical

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