Posted on Tue, 20 Sep 2011 by KiM

A really long wooden dining table with a bunch of vintage chairs (and old schoolhouse looking ones to boot) = a HUGE *YES!* in my book.

As much as I love having 25 drawers in my kitchen to keep everything organized, there’s something really appealing about having every kitchen gadget and spice jar at your fingertips (although the dust and grease must be such a pain in the arse). Both photos via Freunde von Freunden.

Tom says:

Maybe I'm losing it but that kitchen gives me the chills.

I would die to find vintage school house chairs! LOVE that photo!

Claire says:

I love those table and chairs. Looks like the perfect place to host a big brunch with friends x

Ral says:

Really, that's not me at all. Why one would prefer sitting on unconfortable old chairs?! And even host a brunch with some (unlucky) friends? Why are you so excited about the old, unpaired things that don't look good and for sure don't make you feel cosy?You call all of those things "vintage" to make them at least sound interesting, no?
And that kitchen…. brrrrr! I can't understand your excitement. Really.

Karin says:

LOOOOVE thiis! Those chairs are awesome.

I LOOOOOOVE this, man.. So awesome.

Jenn says:

I would end up in a straight jacket if I had to cook in that kitchen!

polish chick says:

that kitchen makes me cringe on so many levels. ugh.

Elina says:

Love the table and chairs, had to borrow the photo to my blog, hope it's ok 🙂


Betina says:

I get the appeal of the kitchen… it's reminiscent of a "crazy inventor's lab" 🙂 Not what I'd want for my own kitchen, but I get it.

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