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Posted on Wed, 21 Sep 2011 by KiM

I have another Shoot Factory location home in London to share. This time it is fairly simple, and despite not being a lover of taupe-ish walls, I am enjoying these with fabulous black stained hardwood floors and white trim. I must mention the stack of Tolix armchairs that had me gasping in delight.


NZ says:

great light

theROOM says:

It´s maybe a little too dark for me, but amazing, anyway!.
You´re blog is such an inspiration!
Kisses, from Madrid

Kate D says:

Though there are a few nice pieces, I don't like the general composition and placement of furniture. The spaces seem very lifeless to me. Maybe it's because of the color choices, but I also think that the table with the white table cloth isn't the right scale and has awkward placement in the room and that the couches shouldn't be hugging the walls so closely. My theory is that the owner is a dancer and wants to have as much use of the hardwood floors as possible. That thought helps everything make more sense.

polish chick says:

love it but it needs an injection of colour. perhaps we could ask a friendly scandinavian to drop by and help?

It's interesting, nice material, finishes, furniture – good quality expression. Although I miss the personality & homely feeling. Thanks:)

Melanie says:

I want a coverlet like the one on that bed!

i love it. i think it's perfect for throwing parties AND dancing 🙂

my heavens! this is absolutely beautiful. a splendid balance of many elements…clean lines and rustic surfaces.
i love the way they've made the bed.

Irene says:

Looks good. Simple style. People like it

Christa says:

What a beautiful home! The colors work so well and the floors are awesome. I work in peoples homes everyday so I see a variety of designs and schemes. This is one of my favorites for sure. Thank you.

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