Posted on Fri, 23 Sep 2011 by KiM

For quite some time now I have LOVED the idea of a room (particularly a dining room) with modern furnishings and a very large gold framed vintage portrait hanging on the wall. I recently found this one and had second thoughts so I left it behind. (Perhaps a dumb move).

via Bolaget

Michelle says:

but you have to act fast, only 37 minutes left.

The Queen portrait rocks.

the queen portrait was very cool. next time!

I love this, the mix of old and new. I will do this in dining room one day! I also love the idea of using a bookcase type buffet in the room. Excellent post!

xo, Anna of :green gable:

oregonbird says:

I think you made the right decision. A large vintage portrait is a marvelous idea… but you want something that isn't a blown-up postage stamp. If there isn't a hint of mystery, what's the point?

rose says:

I like Oregonbird's take…though I myself am rather charmed by the idea of a big ol' portrait of the Queen, it is a wee bit lacking in mystery. Perhaps you could browse Ebay for portraits of bygone foreign dignitaries and royalty? I am waiting to inherit the massive framed portrait of an obscure King Charles II-era relative, all pointy bearded and ruffed and plumed and be-rifled (we have the rifle, too!), which I plan to mix into my very mid-century modern black and white dining space.

millerup says:

The painting of the Queen is cool, but it isn't like the portrait pictured in your post. I agree with Oregonbird that mystery of the sitter is key. Also, the frame of the painting in the post is superb while the Queen's framing job – while nice – isn't in the same league. I'm addicted to your blog and always look forward to it. Good luck with finding a great vintage portrait!

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