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Posted on Tue, 27 Sep 2011 by KiM

And now for the dark. If you enjoyed seeing photos of the progress going on at Jo’s place, I think you’ll appreciate this post. It’s a home bathed in black (mostly). It’s moody, modern and gives off a completely different vibe than my post earlier today. Which would you prefer?

via Groves Natcheva Architects

Aliza says:

I would much prefer the light! A little black accenting is ok and can give a dramatic, romantic affect if done right. Too much though is just downright depressing!

JUST SICK! —– In a VERY VERY good way!

Vicki says:

This is a beautiful space. There's nothing contrived about it yet it is about more than mood or function. I liked both spaces today,
but this one would be my personal pick. I can live with lots of black.

Seriously dramatic!

i'd take the dark any day!!

elise says:

The color palette is exactly like my house! Crazy! love it.

Axel Jack says:

What bullshit baggage people are toting around!"I must have light" "Too dark" "I LIKE white" "I hate white" "Ineed white" "TOO much white"Without the occasional deviation there would be no progress, no evolution! bravo for having th balls to push our likes/dislikes farther out. Bravo for showing us something no one else had the chuptza to offer. The materials are wonderful, the manipulation of space is masterful.The drama is dramatic without being over bearing and I think the whole thing is to be applauded.

Tonia says:

I want that desk chair too! Where can I buy it?

source says:

In response to questions:

Desk chair is unmarked; acquired late seventies Paris.

Kitchen top and splash are each made from a single plank of ash (80cm wide is sadly rare), manually scorched and oiled.

Hanne says:

I would absolutly prefer this darkness before the lightness, Very sexy!

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