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Posted on Tue, 27 Sep 2011 by KiM

This is the first of 2 posts I have for you today. There is such a huge difference in the mood of a space depending on the colour scheme used…whether it be light or dark. This space is all about white and beige. Classic and French-inspired. The perfect space for a bookworm (although it could use some work – some of the furnishings are just plain icky).

via Mires Paris

Cécile says:

I don't think anything is icky. The matching look may be a little too dull, especially with those faded colors, but in the whole it's a pretty cute room with a nice color scheme and interesting and original details. I particularly love the lamps and the bookshelves are just gorgeous with some great books and beautiful art.

Romina says:

Cussot, you make me smile, and I really need it, thanks!
I love the coffee table, the drawer? under the mirror (but i will remove those books) , the basket full of log (even I couldn't fing the fireplace) the artwork hanging on the bookshelves (although it will choosea a couple less and smaller) and the cat…
But I will remove some lamps, at least the one that came with a table, some boos, and I will be more bold with the upholstery. Just saying…

sue says:

Put me down for "icky".

That poor kitty in three of the photos is not even on the furniture. The sofa and chairs look icky and itchy. I would not want to sit on them either.

The walls would look better white (not that off-grey) and the place is way too cluttered and dingy looking.

Maybe it is staged for an estate sale?

christa says:

Hard to get past the matching sofa and chairs, put me down for "no" on those. And it's too cluttered for me — or if you want that much clutter, it needs to be more carefully curated. I'd like it a lot better if they added a color – like a palm green.

TMK says:

I'd add more books.

Graes says:

funny bout all the "icky" comments. I just would like to get me a high-back couch like that… but in a different fabric of course!

christa says:


Miranda says:

A pet peeve = framed art hung in front of books on bookcases. WHY do people do this? To me, it shows disrespect for the books and the art alike.

Renea says:

LIGHT and BOOKS and ART!!! OH MY!!!!!

Melanie says:

Hanging art in front of books is stupid. How is one to see the titles of the books let alone easily get them off the shelf to read. I love to read and I refer to many of my books everyday for my writing. I want my bookshelves to be full of books arranged by subject so I can find them and no art getting in the way. I like art but not displayed in front of my books.

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