Taking a real estate listing to a whole new level

Posted on Thu, 29 Sep 2011 by KiM

A big thanks to Nina for sending us a link to a real estate listing for a home in Sweden, and it’s not your average listing. The photos have been tweaked with an old-world treatment and the owners (I’m guessing) were asked to pose in several of the photos in costume. Nina thought the listing was lovely, and I did as well when I glanced through them briefly the first time. After a second and third look, my feelings changed towards CREEPY. It sort of reminds me of an old Hitchcock/horror movie where in the next shot all the participants will be sprawled in pools of blood. Am I nuts? What do you guys think?

gg says:

OMG-definately creepy!!!

Lin says:

I'm baffled by what it is exactly that people find "creepy" about a fully-clothed woman and child ascending a flight of stairs to sit in a sun-filled room and read.

Helen says:

I am bothered by hat on the man. When it was fashionable for men to wear hats protocol required a man to remove his hat when entering a home. To this day I dislike hats worn indoors especially at the table. I think it is rude. The whole old fashioned theme did not ring true for me . . . largely due to the hat!

g says:

did anyone notice the guy (whom I find annoying) reading a paper…..in a room with a painting of a man reading a paper?

I find the boy/man annoying – he's that one character every college had – the overly dramatic, into himself and his *feelings*

ook. college was long ago, the character persists!!

g says:

Lin – the kid looks overjoyed.

Expat Swede, says:

I kind of like it, but I have followed this estate agent's work for a while. This one might be a bit out there, but listings from faboulous frank, the name of there real estate agent in question, in general are a sign of how much focus there is on online listings in Sweden.

From what I have seen from agent's listings around the world, especially for normal, middle-class, flats and houses, most, if not all, other countries have a lot to learn from how Swedish real estate agents work. To begin with Hemnet.se where you can find probably 90% of all Swedish real estate that is for sale at any given time, is something that every country should have, it is definitely one of the things I miss the most, while trying to find a new place to live away from home!

jja says:

Amityville here I come.
Maybe they wanted to sell "history" since they can not sell well main maintained house…

Sophia says:

Why oh why are they wearing their hats inside?

Clearly I'm focused on the important elements.

diane says:

Why must there always be a little girl in a white dress? If that house wasn't haunted before, it is now, at least in the minds of anyone who has viewed these photos. She chants her nursery rhymes in a sing-song voice as she runs up and down the stairs. Maybe for some, this is a selling point?

But seriously, the house is loaded with potential, and the photos are really fun. Why not?

Elizabeth says:

I don't find it creepy at all, I think its funny, it actually made me laugh. Mind you I never really watch scary/horror films, and I'm not scared of dead people 🙂
I would definitely check out this house if I were looking for an old home. However I would prefer that the actors had posed with a smile … I'm sure people were not that dull then.
Thanks for sharing!! love to see what others are doing.

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