A matter of scale

Posted on Wed, 5 Oct 2011 by KiM

oregonbird says:

I think, if it was more interesting, that scale could work. But it doesn't work in a near-empty environment, there's nothing to connect to. But just for putting the possibility of playing with scale to that degree out? Yes, sure, no reason it shouldn't work.

I quiet like it, just wonder how it would look like wit a bit more atmosphere.
But that's me:) Thanks,

Is that for real or is it unfortunate perspective? I keep staring at it, thinking surely it is just a small lamp dangling right in front of the camera. Surely… ?

Jodi says:

A part of me likes it, but it needs a massive Kelim rug i reckon…..

James says:

I liked the minimalism of it all… and then I noticed the face-hugger plushie on the couch. Somebody's a sci-fi fan. 😀

polish chick says:

that just looks like a poorly framed shot to me. can't get the feel for it.

Thibaut says:

Need a rug, some books and curtains…

Christina says:

I dig it. The lamp itself is a little boring but the concept is great.

Shane says:

I didn't even notice the massive pendant light. I only have eyes for the stuffed baby Alien. All you need is Sigourney sitting on the other couch with a tazer.

Simon says:

I love the lampshade! Does anyone have any details about it eg. Manufacturer, model, price?!

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