Be still my beating heart

Posted on Wed, 5 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

What a simply beautiful kitchen! What a stunningly beautiful photograph! Oh the blue. The aged timber. The copper sink. The history and style. Sigh. Photography by Helen Norman. The woman is a genius with the camera. Run to her website now. Don’t dawdle. Run.

sue says:

OMG, Jo. I am in love. I ran…almost fell over the chair running back to my computer….. but it was worth it.

Seriously, Helen Norman's photography is stunning. What a find!
And the interiors, in my opinion, represent true design. Not a deer head, horns, animal hide or an animal's fur in the lot!
The lighting in her photography and the purity and the aged timber, as you said…I have to go back and look some more.

Truly great design and photography. Way to go, mate!

Supal says:

that color is gorgeous!

sue says:

I'm back….and the use of linen, pure lovely flax linen in curtains and on chairs and pillows.

The mix of old and new.

And white, yes, white… on walls and sometimes kitchen cabinets or furnishings but always with a mix of some dark for balance and interest.

Best photography, design, and best post ever. Seriously. I am enthralled with Helen Norman.

lucie says:

thank you so much for sharing this!
my favorite in a long time. Just fantastic.

Melanie says:

I want to bake bread in this kitchen. Heavenly.

That's getting popped straight into my inspiration files for the house.

Jodi says:

Love it, my kind of place!

Lindo o seu espaço. Amei!

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