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Posted on Wed, 12 Oct 2011 by KiM

The folks at mode:lina, a Polish architectural firm, emailed with another project they completed recently that I had to share (see previous posts here and here).
Our client unconsciously dictated to us the design.
“We love open space and flexible solutions, but we need cosy rooms and privacy as well.”
“We love to be noisy; talk loudly while eating, listen to loud music etc. but at the same time J. Is an early bird and I’m a night owl and we are both light sleepers.”
“We love and owe a lot of books, clothes, shoes and other cool stuff but but we have only 70 m2.”
“Oh, did I mention, that we just can’t stand the sound of slamming doors?”
To fulfill all the requirements we decided to divide 70 m2 flat into 4 zones that can be easily opened and closed with sliding doors. This solution provides privacy and acoustic barrier as well as flexibility in use of space. Central zone includes kitchen with dining room and a mysterious black box. The dark cube integrates the wardrobe, small library, working desk and a small kennel. 3 other zones are: living room, walk-in closet, bathroom/bedroom.
Early bird and night owl live in peace.

The cube is brilliant.

Tom says:

Love it! Uber innovative!

xym0x says:

great concept, but could be executed better (e.g. without chaotic choice of materials/colours)

mute says:

rooms with doors!?. outrageous. whatever next?

Rae says:

This is a well-done IKEA kitchen! Love the playfulness of the doggie hooks too!

christa says:

Hmmm, I agree, xymox, some great ideas but execution could be better. Kitchen handles and checkerboard floors were bad choices. The pillows on the couch are not good, the cowhide rug is just not right and should be gone. Bathroom proportions/dimensions of everything are wonky – the pieces are OK, but the sizes and relation to each other is wrong. And overall cement ceiling with black and white is all leaning too cool and sterile. A warm neutral for the sofa and the paint would have been better I think.

Loulou Ste-Adele says:

This small space is full of innovative ideas and very inspiring. My heart stopped when I noticed the window near the dining table: this is IT. Just what I need for my windows at home.I will copy this idea very very soon since I really like and need ledges and the box idea is a revelation! I can just picture my two cats sitting on the bottom ledge to look outside. As for the comments above, I too find the space a little severe or sterile but to everyone its own taste. It remains that the "bones" are great and innovative. Louise

The ceilings are amazing…are they made of some sort of concrete or is it just a really good painting job ?

very cool space – recognizing a tonne of ikea stuff, which is nice to see that it can be unique and familiar all at once.
also loving the black walls – i'm seeing those pop up everywhere lately.
– agata.

Ruth From Nashville says:

This is one of the coolest solutions to all the contradictory needs of the client. I really appreciate mode:lina's creativity. I happen to love eclectic design. I could live and play here AND have quiet down time. Black box is brilliant. Thank you, Kim, for posting this amazing place!

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