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Jason Gibney created this beautifully crafted apartment in Bronte for his family. Minimalist. Streamlined. Honest in its materials. Clever in its use of space. Look closely and you will realize that he has extended into the roof space of his typical “six pack” apartment block. As for the kitchen hidden behind the wall… brilliant! Jason is Managing Associate Director at Sydney architectural firm Tobias Partners. All I wish for (besides the ability to live so simply) is for larger photos! Via the Houses Awards.




love the cocoon feeling of that bedroom… all wrapped up in wood…

sue says:

Perfect example for need of balance. Bathroom is too white. Walls need art. Bedroom, while visually appealing, appears that it would feel like being in a box or coffin with full-on wood. Love the wood floors, though.

bella says:

beautiful lines… great light…
now it just needs to be decorated!

Ahsan says:

I don't like the wood ceiling either. It's overly done.
A little wood treatment in the bathroom would be nice though.

christa says:

Pretty, but I agree that bedroom is more coffin than cozy. I imagine myself sitting in these rooms for about 2 minutes, then wanting to do something – read, play music, knit, snack, look at something other than wood grain…
The kitchen would not work in my reality. You know how some people (kids and husbands) never close the kitchen cabinet doors? Imagine how much more annoying it would be when the doors are supersized! Still, a very calming concept, this house.

K. Lin says:

Love all the wood details all throughout the house but I have a little apprehension about the bedroom ceiling. In Taoist feng shui, wood ceilings that are vaulted = bad feng shui. The shape of the upside-down V creates a "heavy pressure" on you when sleeping and supposedly you will not sleep very well. The best ceilings for bedrooms are ones that are flat.

julie says:

this is crazy. who can truly live like that?
it doesn't even feel like a home.
i wonder where they put all the bills?
however, the warmth of the wood and the white walls would be a great base
for some beautiful color and interesting pieces.

miriam paulus says:

Tudo muito limpo, muito parado!
Onde está o movimento? O sonho?
Casa é vida, é história de caminhos percorridos.
Contudo esse projeto tem sua personalidade. Não obstante, ao meu ver, ele está mais para conceito do que
para função!

I would love to live like this. But in the real world, we need space for "things" like a special painting, a vase with flowers, tools… etc… This place looks like nobody lives there.

JJ says:

I love everything about it. If all you can talk about is the lack of decoration perhaps you are looking at the wrong property.

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