Eva Kylland

Posted on Thu, 13 Oct 2011 by KiM

While I sit in French class day after day suffering (it’s one-on-one, with me talking on and on about my day job), I desperately find myself requiring some mental relief. I steal moments thinking about the new boots I ordered, humming songs by the new band I discovered (I can hear them practising as I write this) and dreaming about inspiring interiors, such as the ones below photographed by equally inspiring Norwegian photographer Eva Kylland whom I discovered the other day. I will spend today thinking about the photo above. DREAMY.



Poochie Lou says:

Agreed, I do not find dead animals aesthetically pleasing in any way. I just find them sad…

sue says:

Poochie Lou, Holland and Inma,

I would love to speak with you. My email is smf1403@aol.com.

E says:

Sorry guys to disagree, you don't have to like it (neither do I), but we have evolved as omnivorous beings for millena, which means that other animals die in a myriad of ways so that life goes on. Unless you've always been a pure vegetarian, you are part of that cycle too.

Besides, knowing that we will die someday, one way or another, is surely the best to remember that you should enjoy and respect life. So maybe some people are more comfortable with it.

Connie says:

Please don't spend too many moment daydreaming during Fremch class; I would hate to think that all those tax dollars are ill-spent on our wonderful federal civil-servants.

KiM says:

Clearly your tax dollars are far more important than my mental health Connie but let me assure you that I am only able to have those stolen moments while I am on a bathroom break, while the teacher is looking something up in the dictionary or while I am racing home so that I can get my blog posts done in order to spend the remainder of my evening studying OFF THE CLOCK. Yes, we federal civil servants are quite wonderful.

anne says:

Beautiful interiors, especially the first half of the pics!

As for the debate about wood and hunting, I don't quite get it. I am from Norway, and the house in which the moose hangs is also somewhere in Norway. I believe most of the wood in the pictures is also Norwegian.

If you have ever been to Norway, you would know that there is plenty of forest (and no rainforest, which is of course extremely important for climate change). In fact, as labour is expensive and topography is not favourable to large scale farming, there is less and less cultivation of the land and the forest is taking over in many parts. Essentially, in order to preserve some types of landscape and species, forestry is very useful. I think there is no threat to Norwegian forests! If you do take the extreme stance to not utilize anything living, then I am not sure how you can sustain yourself. Humans have always harvested from nature. If not, what do you eat? In what kind of housing do you live?

As for the moose, if you are a vegetarian – good for you. Most people are not. You may dislike it.

If you do eat meat, well then hunting a moose, eating the meat, and stuffing the head to hang on your wall shouldn't be such a crime as long as you have a hunting permission and follow hunting regulations (as I am confident almost all Norwegian hunters do). The hunting is strictly regulated. That moose lead a free life in nature, and he had a quick death. It is not as if he was killed only to become a trophy for the wall. I have never heard of hunters of moose that only care about the heads, quite the opposite!

Kristy says:

I was inspired by all of these photo. Which is the point, right? @Anne. *clap, clap, clap* well said.

Gaylynn walrod says:

Hi there,

I love all of your photos, especially all the white walls. I have a little house in Seattle, Wa. I am looking to paint the walls white, any ideas on a great white paint? These hues in your pictures look like what I have in mind, I'm thinking French farm house white. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mickey says:

I too am more interested in the brand paint and the name of the color white. Very chic, and calming.

Mickey says:

I should add I am talking about the color in the kitchen with the farm house sink in it.

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