Row of jars

Posted on Thu, 13 Oct 2011 by KiM

I LOVE this kitchen renovation I found on Dwell, in particular the integrated row for spice jars created between sections of Ikea cabinetry. (It reminds me of the row of jars filled with dry goods I had created in the kitchen of my previous home. I miss the convenience of it ALOT).

polish chick says:

it does look lovely, though frankly i don't know how convenient it would be to climb a ladder every time you need a bit of cardamom. seems more decorative than practical.

Kit Lang says:

It looks great, but I disagree that it's convenient. (Although yours certainly was).

These could only be decorative. Although it's great decorative. 🙂

sue says:

Very cool and artistic.

jenni o says:

beautifully decorative, but not good for the spices! Spices need to be kept out of the light and away from heat if at all possible. We grind our own spices, and designated a drawer near (but not next to!) the stove for all the jars. I even alphabetized them (I still laugh when my husband asks where the cinnamon is). We also have a few of our most used whole spices in round magnetic tins on our fridge. All our visitors love them.

rooth says:

It must be purely for decorative purposes. PS – Check out the House of the Day on the WSJ. It's a converted church / dwelling!

sara w says:


Jules Means says:

Loving the library ladder!

peggy says:

I love your row of jars better than this one. Yours is very convenient. I don't find Dwell's row of spices convenient at all. I'd hate to have to climb a ladder every time I needed a spice.

lucinaPH says:

Very clever choice for a spice counter. Would help grow some muscles after a while.. 🙂

Supal says:

How cool! I love that ladder!

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