Warehouse stalking

Posted on Thu, 13 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Yes please! Real estate stalking again. Look at the space, look at the windows, look at the wire railings, the plunge pool, the Japanese style dining (love a pit to sit in… just can’t handle sitting cross legged at my age), the stairs. OK I’m not quite enamoured with the decor. A little too “boy brown” 😉  I’m sitting here daydreaming of how I’d furnish it and as I have lots of “virtual” money to buy it I can, of course, afford stellar art to fill it. You see I wouldn’t have wasted my money on the cars. Art. Furniture. Sculpture. They’re my vices. Still the warehouse is pretty damn cool. Just needs a few tweaks to fit me fine. Are you a home cinema type? Not sure if I am. All this space in Surry Hills, Sydney! Link here while it lasts.

dwyler says:

I love the stairway guard rails, they almost vanish and really open up the space

Tinsley Noel McNiel says:

STOOOOPID i want it

Susan M says:

Yes, PLEASE!!!

tesskamp says:

My dream house, spacious, no clutter, warm and simple with architectural twist. Who is the architect?

Me...uh OH! I mean, Tracy ;) says:

Hey! THIS HOUSE IS…..wait for it…….CREEPY AWESOME! It's like, really cool, but, I would get scared in it….unless other people WHO I KNOW are in it….I can get scared very easily…How about you peeps out there? You guys should check out the rainbow house! Look it up on youtube! It has a pic of a girl climbing spiral staircase! If you don't look this up you are missing out the scariest and beautifulest house EVER IN ALL OF HISTORY! IT'S SOOOO COOL!

Stephanie says:

oh gosh! I love it for the pool!

carell says:

lovely pictures…………..

Sarah says:

this house is absolutely beautiful. the tiny tv in the living room area made me actually LOL though… it looks so out of place in the gi-gan-tah-muhngo casa!

That Japanese style dining table is so awesome. I love it. Thanks for sharing

Greg Dale says:

I'd love to build a pool with a clear wall.

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