Posted on Wed, 19 Oct 2011 by KiM

I love this studio. It belongs to fashion blogger Jane Aldridge and her mom Judy. GORG!!! (See more of it here)

KiM says:

Can we please not turn yet another post into a discussion on the use of animal skins and furs? To each their own. Perhaps Jane and Judy are like me, animal lovers who are not vegetarians, eat cow and can appreciate the beauty of their hide. Perhaps her vest is faux fur or vintage (and she would rather it not end up in a landfill). I have 7 cats and 2 cowhide rugs.

sue says:

Right. Sorry if I offended you. I was commenting on the design as others have in critiquing posts.

Judith says:

Love it, too! Especially the black and white chairs!

Cinthya says:

If I had a loft I would paint my floor white or even just wide plank hardwood floors.

Can't decide what I love the most about the last photo…her boots? the dogs? the rug? or the black patent chairs?

Fabulous studio, I love the mix of textures. Monday mornings wouldn't look so bad if you had a space like this to go to! Thank you for sharing!


I <3 Sea of Shoes…she's great…and her mom too!…I totally dig the white floor & both black chairs…lovely

Rosy says:

What an uplifting space. I love the wood recall and the white, of course. And her boots. Her boots are fab.

polish chick says:

a little too aggressive for me, and i'm not talking about the animal rights comment. it's just too much.

LanM says:

Love the pillows in the second and the last images. Wish I had a studio too 🙂

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