John Minshaw

Posted on Thu, 20 Oct 2011 by KiM

There is an air of mystery and drama about the designs of John Minshaw. This award-winning architectural and interior designer from London is a master at creating unassuming, minimally adorned yet classic and elegant spaces. His simple designs speak volumes.

And a couple special treats….what I would do to have both of these….

Natt says:

Last image is like from some kind of murder investigation file, when there is a picture of one of the knives missing 🙂 If you look more attentively, you can see the knife on the cutting board, but still.. The first impression is a bit awkward 🙂

Sarah says:

So elegant and refined. I'll take it! Just give me 2 minutes to chuck all MY stuff……

RLG says:

Stunning. thank you for sharing! xoxo

I'd been thinking myself jaded recently until I saw these. And now I want Mister Minshaw (what a name!) to come and do my kitchen and bathroom, please.

Absolute perfection!

Wish I could have him design me a home! Definitely not enough classic architecture going up these days! His kitchen designs are a dream too! A cook’s dream!

Crystal says:

The missing knife is on the counter…I've solved the murder of the broccoli.

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