Black beauties

Posted on Fri, 21 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Love the styling of the latest range by Australian furniture designers Zuster. Fabulous furniture. Wonderful “rooms”. Seriously how sexy are those American Oak legs on the Sabrina Lounge! By turning to the dark side the sisters have found the perfect counterfoil to their new range. Inspiring. Beautiful.

P.S. The zebra is a resin model. The partridge … well that’s not.

polish chick says:

actually, methinks that's a pheasant, and watch out for the rabid rants of animal rights activists! i think these shots are gorgeous. that first one is a stunning mix of textures from that raw flax bedding to those bedside crystals. lovely!

Garrett says:

Ugh – I would love to have an ebony stained wall.

Nadine says:

Love the detail on the table leg. The zebra? My girls would probably try to ride it but it's a cool feature. 🙂

farrah says:

Love everything but the turned bed posts. The proportions are so incredibly off, they look like they were added on as an afterthought.

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