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Posted on Fri, 21 Oct 2011 by KiM

I am frankly really embarrassed to have not blogged about architectural firm LineBox Studio before, as they are based in Toronto and my lovely city of Ottawa. And now that it sounds like my husband and I have to start our house plans from scratch (maybe wrecking the existing house and starting new) with a new architect (who knows something about Ottawa building codes), I might hit these guys up for some much needed assistance. I found several funky projects on their website, renovations and infills included, and the following home here in Ottawa (really?!?!) was initially a 19th century butcher shop with heritage designation. I freaking love it…ESPECIALLY the sunken fireplace seating pit!!!!



Tara says:

Ohh, I like the indoor gravel gardens! Pretty pimp!

Sid says:

Very cool house.

Is it weird that I kinda like it even more because you can see the dog-pee burns on the back lawn? It makes me feel better about my yard 🙂

LOVE the wall in the sitting room -amazing really!
Have a splendid weekend,

RKD says:

Breathtaking stuff, very high standard 🙂

Eliane says:

OMG! What a beautiful coffee table.

I absolutely love the sunken seating area around the hearth! Frank Lloyd Write would dig this!

Martha says:

One day my house will have a conversation pit. One day.

I like the idea of the fireplace pit but it does look rather cold, hard and church-like despite the blazing fire. I think I'd prefer a padded bottom for my bottom. Wouldn't you slide all over the place?

Anna says:

I just see a toddler falling hazard…but then that's just the stage of life I'm in I guess!

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