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Posted on Tue, 25 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Rooms ripped from the latest pages of the your favourite magazine, right? Would you believe that this Antwerp home by Vincent Van Duysen was designed in 2001. It’s so fresh. So now but still so timeless. Fads come and go but 10 years later we can look at these photos and say not only fashion forward for the time but just right for now.

And 1998. Yes 13 years old.

Beauty is timeless…

Belgian style had a long fuse…

denise says:

Restraint and minimal colour – timeless indeed.

Caroline says:

Perfection! Looooove the first image!
Quite funny that I just bougth that same carpet last month.. 😉

polish chick says:

but you see, that's the way it ought to be: not many people have the resources to change their furnishings and accessories annually. i am always frustrated when i am told "oh, this is the colour right now" because all i care about is whether it is a colour that makes me happy. one needs to design one's wardrobe and home in a classic timeless way which pleases oneself, and only throw in the odd detail that's "the latest." my two cents' worth. over and out.

Supal says:

I love that kitchen shot

Jenny says:

That second photo with the black couch and the blinds reminds me of Mulder's apartment on the X-Files. Other than that I like these.

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