Another funky London home

Posted on Fri, 28 Oct 2011 by KiM

Another lovely home from Domus Nova. This time I’m loving the 2 sofas, the quirky art – except maybe the saddle and the demon with boobs in the dining room- and all furnishings but the dining table. What NOT to do with silver leaf. (Does it drive anyone else nuts that there is no light fixture above the dining table?!)

julia says:

It drives me nuts EVERY DAY!!! My fault for swapping the living and dining rooms…and sis, you gotta help me come up with a relatively inexpensive solution that I can put on my xmas list.

That silver lacquered table is stunning! So subtle, yet dimensional enough to anchor all the Louis! Love this look…sexy and stylish…I don't even mind the artwork…as long as it speaks to the homeowners right? Thanks for sharing!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Confession time, I too love that dining room table and was very close to doing one like that myself. I am still carrying around an obsessive desire to silver leaf a piece of furniture.

Love this eclectic style.. Great pics!!

christa says:

Too many breasts and horns for my taste. The table could be good if the walls were dark. But then the room would be too dark and some guest would impale themselves on the sculpture.

the living room is my favorite space, oooohhh how I love you blue chairs =)

oregonbird says:

Another vote for the silver table! I like the uninterrupted air over the table, no doubt candles are employed in fine-dining situations. The demon doesn't belong there — obviously wandered in from the bedroom, where he could have been keeping an eye on the tub. And low, low coffee tables set way beyond arms's reach of the couch – how useful, not!

Alathon says:

Sorry, but way to cramped for my taste – some nice details apart…

gazouy says:

Sur le plan du Feng Shui ce n'est pas terrible toutes ces cornes partout. Perso je ne pourrai pas m'installer à cette merveilleuse table et avoir cette sculpture dans le dos, ni avoir les cornes d'antilopes devant moi. La grande photo bleue est assez décalée avec le reste de la pièce. La cuisine est géniale.

Jenny says:

Looks like the 80s threw up in here, and not in a good way.

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